Forever 21

Rest in Peace, Sean Taylor.
Gone, but never be forgotten…


Just like any other person’s death, we all need to reflect more on that person’s life rather than their last moments on earth. Sean was a fighter, from the beginning to the very end. After fighting for his life for hours, God just told him to surrender to Him…which is what he did. He surrendered to God and left us here on earth to go on to a much better place.

Sean was always misunderstood because he would always keep to himself and would always get judged on what would go on on the field. He was very personal and dependent…and you’d get lucky if you were able to open him up or just simply talk to him on a regular basis. Very rarely would he be recognized for the good things he’s done or has been doing because the media would always overpower the good with the bad. Regardless of the past situations he’s gone through, he always took the punches and learned from them. When first starting off his professional football career with the Redskins, he was constantly faced with many obstacles due to bad decisions or a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but as of late, he’s been improving for the betterment of himself, his family, and his team. His life changed when God gave him a little girl named Jackie. He smiled more and was improving as an individual. Portis says he was a new Sean. Sean Taylor was extremely talented and humble with how he played. He loved the game and he was amazingly gifted. With him being in his prime, I’m sure millions are questioning, “Why now?” He’s only 24 years old, about to get married, has an 18 month baby girl, and is having the best season by far in his NFL career. Everyone would presume things would only get better…but God’s plans are different from ours so the unexpected happened.

I’ve questioned that a couple times ever since his loss, I’ll admit. But like Portis said, “You can’t change God’s plans.” I believe that this was God’s plan, no doubt. And since this is His plan, it must be a heck of a plan if he took Sean away from us all. He’s with God now and God’s taking care of him.

Maybe God’s plan was for the Redskins Nation to rally together from all over, to celebrate a great life, a great person. Who knows. Only God would know exactly what His intentions were. But like I said before…everything always goes back to God. Everything.

Joe Gibbs always tells the team, “we’re all in this together.” He wasn’t referring to the game. It was always about life and the lessons we learn. The team and the whole Redskins Nation is in this together, and we’re going to pull through this and be strong, just like our man, Sean.

April 1, 1983 – November 27, 2007

Rest in Peace <3

Even if we’ve never met formally, you high five-ing me with a smile on your face during training camp last summer seems to be making all the difference now.
Keep smiling, Sean :)

Thank you for always sharing with us your talent which God has truly blessed you with and making memories for us that will continue to live on. You will never be forgotten…We love you.


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