Inspired Interiors: Building Character

If there is one significant thing older, custom homes have that new, builder grade homes usually lack (depending on your budget), is unique character & charm. As an owner of a builder grade home this was something I knew from the get-go, and something I was ready to sacrifice. Though, who’s to say that shouldContinue reading “Inspired Interiors: Building Character”

Inspired Interiors: Beams, Texture, Subdued Hues

Here’s this week’s round-up of interiors that are inspiring me. This post is the first of many that I will feature as part of the Inspired Interiors series on my blog. In this post I’m talkin’ a whole lot of reclaimed wood, rich stone & brick textures, distressed furniture & furnishings, light walls & cool,Continue reading “Inspired Interiors: Beams, Texture, Subdued Hues”

Remember the Joy of Your Salvation

House projects aside, last week was also a week of celebrations in our domestic church. With all the unrest and uncertainty of the world and within our lives, this was a week we really looked forward to. On the 28th we celebrated my 31st birthday and on the 30th, Jon and I celebrated five yearsContinue reading “Remember the Joy of Your Salvation”

Our Low Waste Journey

Happy Earth Day! For some time I’ve been wanting to share more in depth about our low waste journey, so what better day to do so than today? Disclaimer: The purpose of this post isn’t to educate on how many years it takes for certain materials to decompose, nor is it to go over theContinue reading “Our Low Waste Journey”