dsadsfdjakhjdsgaj. what an amazing weekend. I went to Virgina Beach for their first Discovery Camp. while the participants may have discovered new things, i’ve discovered new things myself. so where shall i begin..? sooooooo friday, it all began. i went to school really excited and also nervous. then around 1:21 we left school & went toContinue reading

the weather was so beautiful today =) we had our field trip to the zoo. good stuff. my legs ache from walking and running so much. lol i have to kill someone tomorrow. *cough*matthew*cough* stupid farthead. nooo im kidding. killing is bad. oh but that reminds me..i really have to kill JILLARAE this weekend..hahah *evilContinue reading

holler if you love Jesus! whoaaaa. wait just one minute..it’s March already?! that’s crazy. happy birthday to LYSHA & ARNOLD! discovery camp in VA BEACH: 4 days…oh snap.

no school once again. ATTENTION– THE RALLY THAT IS SCHEDULED TONIGHT IS CANCELLED DUE TO THE INCLEMENT WEATHER, BUT IT WILL BE RE-SCHEDULED TO A LATER DATE. aw man. stupid weather = INFO:001. First name: Fatima002. Middle name: Dela Cruz003. Last name: Estorninos004. Nicknames: FAYE, fayefaye, fayer, faye yung, face, fakes, FUMA, faTEEma & muchContinue reading