hello there =) last night was the yfc prom. mmm it was awesome. i was happy to see everyone’s smiling faces again =) well i got to college park at around 12 to decorate. it was fun! we blew up balloons, did the centerpieces, the archway, the red carpet,etcetc. aww it was so b-e-a-utiful. aroundContinue reading

anyways, to sum things up.. my christmas break was pretty fun. darn. school’s back in session tomorrow & i still didn’t start my homework. grrr. i keep on procrasinating.. lol ah well. on friday night we had the novena mass rally. it was awesome. alot of ppl came too! & i saw my dearest lovelyContinue reading

so is today the day to recap your year? hold on, this is one long entry.. [ JANUARY ] + EXERT was towards the end of january & beginning of february. from that moment on we became stronger than we were before. very touching. i loved reading my affirmations =) [ FEBRUARY ] + exertContinue reading