A New Springtime

Pardon my absence on here, if anyone is still out there, that is. I suppose you can say that the Lord has been keeping me so closely to His heart during what was (and sometimes still is, but things are on the mend) easily one of the most difficult time periods of my life. What aContinue reading “A New Springtime”

Ever Ancient, Ever New

There is something about a newness, a clean slate. I find such relief in the concept of new, whether that pertains to a new year, a new month, week, day, a new perspective, a new idea. What a joy it is to be aware of the newness and experience a breath of fresh air, newContinue reading “Ever Ancient, Ever New”

Day 14: Thursday Afternoon Dates

…with the greatest Love I have ever known. With all the lists filled with tasks that have yet to be completed, and the noises of the world or my own racing mind that can’t seem to be quieted, I come here and kneel at His feet. I have full confidence in knowing that I canContinue reading “Day 14: Thursday Afternoon Dates”