a tribute to the domestic church

Winter 2018 Collection

Ecclesia Domestica
The Domestic Church
Family, Become What You Are
Whatever God Wants (SOLD OUT)
Christian Homes: Light + Joy
Blessing on a Child  (SOLD OUT)
A Father’s Compassion
Family: A Sign of Christ’s Salvation
Parents: The Visible Sign of God’s Love
God with Us (SOLD OUT)
Unless the Lord Builds
Stake Everything on Love

This collection is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Available for custom orders and for envelope addressing, place cards, signage, etc. Please use contact form below.


Package A: 1-hour Design Consultation (home visit or via Skype) – flat rate  

Package B: Furniture + Furnishings Consultation – hourly

Package C: Space Planning + Conceptual Drawings – hourly      

Packages can be combined. For more information on the packages, please use contact form below.

Drop a line!




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