2008: Full Year In Review

10 Best Moments of 2008:10. Weekly Soccer Games9. Baltimore Aquarium Day8. Weekly Sleepovers at The Fernandez’s & Rockband 7. Sunday Morning Praisefest of Discovery Camp in October6. Saturday Night Worship/Adoration of the CFCY Conference in Jacksonville5. Pope Benedict XVI comes to D.C.! (including Papal Mass & CUA Visit)4. Michael Bublé’s “Call Me Irresponsible” Concert at…… Continue reading 2008: Full Year In Review

2008: Quick Year In Review

Ever since the end of fall semester, I’ve been contemplating a whole lot on this year. It was a tough year filled with endless challenges and trials. But despite those tumultuous moments of fear, loneliness, heartbreak, doubt, anxiety, and stress, God unceasingly showed His power and glory throughout it all and still blessed me with…… Continue reading 2008: Quick Year In Review