Sealed The Deal

After weeks of watching the prices of plane tickets fluctuate, my mom decided to book them today because the prices weren’t too bad compared to others and also because they might increase in the near future. It’s been a little over a month since this whole thing started and now it’s finally starting to hitContinue reading “Sealed The Deal”


<a href="“&gt; As the end of our Mediterranean cruise approached, we spent a few hours in Florence touring the city. While my family was on our walking tour, we listened attentively to what our guide was saying about the basilica we were looking at. I happened to zone out for a couple of seconds andContinue reading “Firenze?”

Moderate Makeover: Faye’s Room Edition

Towards the conclusion of this past summer, I was able to thoroughly clean my room. I got rid of most of the junk and boxed up a bunch of old, worn out clothing that took up space in my dresser. After cleaning, I came up with different ways to rearrange my room solely because ofContinue reading “Moderate Makeover: Faye’s Room Edition”

Travel Log: Part 1

(click on the links for photos) I remember the Sunday morning we came back from Europe. It felt great to be back home, although most of us already missed living out this amazing dream for the past few weeks. We went to Mass a few hours later and right before the procession, the cantor mentionedContinue reading “Travel Log: Part 1”