A New Springtime

Pardon my absence on here, if anyone is still out there, that is. I suppose you can say that the Lord has been keeping me so closely to His heart during what was (and sometimes still is, but things are on the mend) easily one of the most difficult time periods of my life. What a…… Continue reading A New Springtime

Stepping Back

It’s amazing how fast time flies. The end of the semester is quickly approaching! As students continue to tell me about their late nights (or even all-nighters) finishing their papers or studying for exams, I am reminded of my year of service soon coming to an end. The new interns (yes, TWO!) are set in…… Continue reading Stepping Back

Great Expectations,

I love the feeling Advent brings, and this joyful season of hope hasn’t even started yet! I’m back home in Maryland for Thanksgiving and that has allowed me to retreat and reflect on my life, what I’m thankful for, and what’s to come. I can’t believe how incredibly fast time is flying by. It’s already…… Continue reading Great Expectations,

A Thrill of Hope

Advent Reconciliation Service: A Thrill of Hope By Deacon Eric Stoltz So get this: You know how researchers are always doing studies to prove things you already knew?  Well, last week on “20/20,” they reported on a study that demonstrated something amazing. Are you ready for this? They discovered that serving other people…makes you happy.…… Continue reading A Thrill of Hope