Union with God

Now I understand well that what unites our soul most closely to God is our self-denial; that is, joining our will to the will of God. This is what makes the soul truly free, contributes to profound recollection of the Spirit, and makes all life’s burdens light, and death sweet. —St. Faustina (Diary, 462)

Lesson of Humility

It’s only day 1 and Pope Francis is already doing work and changing lives. Mine included. I love him already as a father-figure… is that odd? Today has been a huge lesson of humility for me. Some of my thoughts included the settling reality of yesterday’s events, other thoughts were Pope Francis’ agenda for hisContinue reading “Lesson of Humility”

Make Your Home in Me

Just two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get away to the mountains once again for a few days. Not with my community as I did weeks prior, but with fellow youth ministers of the Arlington Diocese that I am so blessed to be working alongside in the vineyard. On retreat, we were privilegedContinue reading “Make Your Home in Me”