Oh, the places you’ll go!

A year ago, I never would have guessed that God would lead me to where I am right now. I have been residing in Virginia Beach for two whole months now and am currently employed by the Diocese of Richmond, serving Old Dominion University’s Catholic Campus Ministry. Other than helping out with the administrative/planning side…… Continue reading Oh, the places you’ll go!


For seven months, I earnestly prayed for the Lord to bless me with the heart of a child in regards to discerning for my vocation following graduation. Ask and you shall receive, right? Right. Only three and a half weeks remaining and my future is still in the balance. However, I’m perfectly content with it…and…… Continue reading Faith

Seasons Change

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted material on here. Though I’ve been consistently writing in my journal, I wanted to pull through in writing this entry to simply show God’s faithfulness within my own life and share a few points I’ve learned along the way. In the past, I may have grown accustomed…… Continue reading Seasons Change

Real Deal

Oohhs, you know I love you. But I’m gonna have to go with St. John here. Consuming soul food from Oohhs and Aahhs can’t bring my soul on a journey to have a more loving union with God. Yea, I doubt it. I do know that this can though. Aahhhh, I’m looking forward to this.…… Continue reading Real Deal