FME: For My Entertainment

Late Night Thoughts:- Confession, Mass (Simbang Gabi), & Rosary = Perfect Day- Dinner last night with The Regs was great. Yummy dishes.- White Elephant Exchange was hilarious; friendships were broken- David Foster is a musical genius- I’ve watched the show in its entirety at least 5 times since Friday – As for individual segments, I’ve…… Continue reading FME: For My Entertainment

Bublé Fever

IT’S TIME.”Until that time, I’ll just stick to YouTube videos…*sigh*”The time is NOW!!!!!Is this my reward, Lord? =)

Birthday Wish List

I normally never make birthday wishlists, and if I do it’s always hidden in my journal somewhere. But now since I got out of my final an hour and a half early and I have nothing else better to do at the library…..(well, I should start my sociology exam study guide but my exam’s on Friday…… Continue reading Birthday Wish List