Holy Saturday Reflection

Good things come to those who wait. Just like this white Easter lily… Though I already know how beautifully bloomed it be, I await its complete opening, faithfully. All in its own time; It cannot be rushed. It opens in silence. In stillness. Slowly……..but surely. I am waiting for Jesus, like I wait for this pure…… Continue reading Holy Saturday Reflection

Snowy Day Reflections

Happy snow day for those in the Mid-Atlantic! I hope you are enjoying your day off whether that consists of sipping on some hot chocolate, having a tv show marathon, sitting by the fire, trying new recipes to bake, or doing work at home…like me. (Well, not now. It’s break time. ;-) Whatever you’re doing,…… Continue reading Snowy Day Reflections

A Blessing In The Wound

This week was among the toughest of weeks for me, spiritually and mentally. Within the past month, I found myself at peace with the order in which my life was going. I had a pretty clear idea (and a hunch) of what God had in store for me…at least, I did. He evidently had other…… Continue reading A Blessing In The Wound

Simple Reminders

First, God always listens to our prayers. He is well aware of the billions of prayers said each minute of each hour of each day. He is aware of our struggles, the problems of the world, heartbreaks, and anything else that we go through. He knows and He cares.Second, God always answers our prayers.He always…… Continue reading Simple Reminders

The Waiting Room

The waiting period is always an uneasy time. Take a waiting room at a hospital for example. When people are in a waiting room (situations vary), they have feelings of anxiety, distress, discontentment. I can vividly remember when my grandfather was in the hospital almost 7 years ago, right before he passed. While in the…… Continue reading The Waiting Room