Cheers to you, 2015!

As I reflect on all that has happened this year, the two words that come to mind are preparation and presence (but with an emphasis particularly on presence). Other than the preparing for the most important day of my life throughout the first half of the year, there were and remain other things from the second part of…… Continue reading Cheers to you, 2015!


“These trials are graces, because they are occasions for pure faith.” Already at the beginning of this year, the Lord has presented quite a handful of opportunities for me to make acts of faith–my brother’s failing kidneys, financial woes, the death of my dad’s brother, months worth of unresolved issues at work, and the routinely…… Continue reading LIFE

You are invited…

While living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia last year, I made a goal to discover some of their local and hidden gems. Two top kinds of places on my list included coffee shops and bookstores. No chain coffee shops or bookstore franchises; I wanted to go to someplace different, someplace unique. On one…… Continue reading You are invited…

The Protector

Ever since I made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2010, one devotion that grew in fervor was to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Having the blessed opportunity to stay in Nazareth for a few days of that pilgrimage and visiting sacred sites such as the home of the Blessed Mother…… Continue reading The Protector