How To Of The Day

– from iGoogle How To Survive a Nuclear Attack 8. Ration your supplies. You will need to ration to survive, obviously; therefore you will eventually expose yourself to the radiation (unless you are in a specific shelter with food and water). Processed foods are okay to eat, so long as the container has no punctures and…… Continue reading How To Of The Day


So I’ve been looking over my notes from Italian class for awhile now. Finally felt like filling out that darn 25 facts survey nonsense from Facebook. Instead of writing facts about myself and my life in general, I thought it’d be fun to list facts, observations, and thoughts about my life here in Florence thus…… Continue reading Venticinque

Just Because

1. I write in 3 different journals every day; each has it’s own purpose.2. I can never grow my nails out long because I know one of them will break eventually, causing me to cut them altogether to keep them even.3. I’ve never gotten a manicure or pedicure.4. I miss playing football with the sisters.5.…… Continue reading Just Because

A Past Favorite

During design class yesterday, a girl brought up our school’s annual Spring Fest. To make a short story even shorter, I was eavesdropping and overheard that the school got a hold of The Ataris to perform. After my amusement to what I just heard, old memories suddenly rushed into my head about how much I…… Continue reading A Past Favorite