Birthday Wish List

I normally never make birthday wishlists, and if I do it’s always hidden in my journal somewhere. But now since I got out of my final an hour and a half early and I have nothing else better to do at the library…..(well, I should start my sociology exam study guide but my exam’s on Friday…… Continue reading Birthday Wish List

Hometown Love

In order of its occurrence: It’s that time of the year again for one of my favorite events in my hometown! Unlike last year, I went when they were starting to die out (my fault for not seeing them sooner) but it’ll be different this time. For those interested, mark your calendars! The festival starts…… Continue reading Hometown Love

Band of Brothers

The football game that was played a couple of hours ago revisited our whole season. There were moments this season where we, Redskins fans, shouted at the top of our lungs, beating up the person closest out of pure excitement and joy after the team would make a game-winning interception, fumble, or touchdown. There were…… Continue reading Band of Brothers