We Want…

You know what week this is in football? It’s the last week of the regular season of NFL football. For Skins fans, it’s also Dallas Week…and for the Redskins fans out there, you know what that means.That’s right, Sean… WE WANT DALLAS!

Forever 21

Rest in Peace, Sean Taylor.Gone, but never be forgotten…#21Just like any other person’s death, we all need to reflect more on that person’s life rather than their last moments on earth. Sean was a fighter, from the beginning to the very end. After fighting for his life for hours, God just told him to surrender…… Continue reading Forever 21

You Got This, Sean

“At the same time, you can’t divert or change God’s plan. Sean is a tough guy and I believe he will pull through this.” – CPHe will pull through this. I know it.Everything always goes back to God.Sean’s got it. He’s a fighter.