Wonderful, Eternal

Precious Love Wonderful, Eternal Ever reaching, ever free Flowing from above Precious Love Wonderful, Eternal Ever always beautiful And flowing from above Precious Lord Overwhelm me With the love that fills the crevices in me Adonai, You can own me You have broken through the walls surrounding me Set me free Precious Love Endless and…… Continue reading Wonderful, Eternal

A Thrill of Hope

Advent Reconciliation Service: A Thrill of Hope By Deacon Eric Stoltz So get this: You know how researchers are always doing studies to prove things you already knew?  Well, last week on “20/20,” they reported on a study that demonstrated something amazing. Are you ready for this? They discovered that serving other people…makes you happy.…… Continue reading A Thrill of Hope

Quest for Happiness

excerpt from Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly: The human heart is on a quest for happiness. Every human heart yearns for happiness like the desert yearns for rain. You have a desire for happiness, I have a desire for happiness. This desire is universal, common to every member of the human family. We simply desire…… Continue reading Quest for Happiness

He Waits

When you approach the tabernacle remember that He has been waiting for you for twenty centuries.  – St. Josemaria Escriva (5.22.2010) Three hours ago, my parents and I finally touched down on American soil with the rest of the pilgrims. While waiting for the rest of our group to get past the U.S. Customs lines, I…… Continue reading He Waits