“…the Church remains forever.”

Before I turn in, here are some thoughts that are [still] lingering in my mind. What a day it has been, for the world and for the Roman Catholic Church. (Perhaps this is more applicable to the latter.) The news of the resignation of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has been on my mind all…… Continue reading “…the Church remains forever.”


During the prayers & intercessions of today’s Morning Prayer, I couldn’t help but give God extra praise for the incredible people I know and call saints – canonized and uncanonized. One of the main reasons why I love this joyful Solemnity is because we get to celebrate the souls who walked on the glory road…… Continue reading Mama

Stepping Back

It’s amazing how fast time flies. The end of the semester is quickly approaching! As students continue to tell me about their late nights (or even all-nighters) finishing their papers or studying for exams, I am reminded of my year of service soon coming to an end. The new interns (yes, TWO!) are set in…… Continue reading Stepping Back