Meet Mikayla Grace

…my beautiful niece.She deserves her own post :)This 16-month baby girl brings smiles and laughter to my face each and every time I see her. She’s so intelligent for her age, too. She knows several hand motions in sign language (which makes her 10x cuter when she does them), she colors, and she tends to…… Continue reading Meet Mikayla Grace


I find it amazing how days can become so much better just by seeing something as beautiful as a sunset. Good days become great days in a matter of a few seconds. I wish sunsets looked like that every day. Blurple colored skies are awesome.


Towards the end of my English class on Monday, my teacher was telling us about how her car broke down and she wouldn’t have access to it for a week because something was wrong with her engine…and how she’s going to have to buy a new one. While I was packing my things getting ready…… Continue reading Simplicity