The Way

Prior to the World Youth Day festivities in Madrid, there was a number of youth that journeyed through other pilgrimage sites in France and Spain. Unfortunately I was not able to join them, but the day I arrived to Madrid, the extended-trip pilgrims shared with each other their highs of the week; fortunately, I was…… Continue reading The Way

Come to love Love

A few days before I left Florence, a few of us from the SSTM took a mini pilgrimage to the Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi. It’s situated on the hills of Careggi, overlooking Florence and the rest of the beautiful Tuscan hills that surround it. I didn’t know much about St. Mary Magdalene…… Continue reading Come to love Love

He guided me to Tennessee

[For my last year of undergrad, I’ve been experiencing many firsts and lasts. Among those experiences include activities with the Campus Ministry- Winter Retreat, playing guitar for Mass and Adoration, and the most recent, Alternative Spring Break. This year’s domestic trip took place in Tri-Cities, TN while the international half ventured their way out to…… Continue reading He guided me to Tennessee