Habemus Papam!

Lowly, And Yet Chosen With a pounding heart, shaky hands, and teary eyes, this afternoon I witnessed the most historical, most spiritually moving, and most unifying moment in my life. That statement isn’t easy to profess as I have witnessed many similar events over the course of the years, but the magnitude of today’s election…… Continue reading Habemus Papam!

“…the Church remains forever.”

Before I turn in, here are some thoughts that are [still] lingering in my mind. What a day it has been, for the world and for the Roman Catholic Church. (Perhaps this is more applicable to the latter.) The news of the resignation of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has been on my mind all…… Continue reading “…the Church remains forever.”


I’ve been immensely blessed to have travelled to quite a number of destinations throughout world within my 23 years of living. I’ve travelled with relatives, with friends, or solo to places for special occasions, for leisure, for cultural experiences, or for educational purposes. Moreover, I’ve been beyond blessed to walk in the footsteps of Jesus as well…… Continue reading Home