so is today the day to recap your year? hold on, this is one long entry..

+ EXERT was towards the end of january & beginning of february. from that moment on we became stronger than we were before. very touching. i loved reading my affirmations =)

+ exert continued..
+ finally got to go to LEXINGTON after not seeing those bums for 6 freagin months! it was a happy day =)

+ some lexington ppl came over. [christa, jason, khanh ahhh this is when we almost died. RIGHT CHRISTA?! hehehe I LOVE YOU yeah club christa is one crazy club. ;D had a sleepover at elaine’s house & had our girl talks. OH HOW I MISS THOSE!
+ here’s an accomplishment of mine. on my research paper i got a 94%. holy moly. that was one great day =)
+ YFC PRAISEFEST woweeee. of course, it was awesome =)
+ GAW [GREAT ADVENTURE WEEKEND] woooo. awesome! [as always] “love is in the air..” lol you know you remember that!

+ YFC HIGH SCHOOL BASE CAMP a-w-e-s-o-m-e. due to the fact there was only 2 participants. but does that matter?! NO! it was still freagin awesome.

[ MAY ]
+ CONFIRMATION that was very exciting. msg. mosley did our confirmation. when i raised my hand to answer a question he called to me as “miss faye faye”. that’s what he called me when i was a young buck =) i felt good after being confirmed.
+ ROAD TRIP TO VA BEACH well it wasn’t really a “road trip” lol i rode w/the vicente’s there & back. we even had a band! *cough* betterthantheworsecase *cough* i don’t know if we still exist. hahah but anywho i had a great time there. i met alot of ppl also. i wanna go back cuz i miss va beach so much. lol [yes, i miss you guys!!]
+ 8th GRADE TRIP TO LANCASTER, PA aww man. so many memories. we stayed there for 3 days & it was so much fun. i miss you guys OH SO VERY MUCH =
+ MY BIRTHDAY my brother ryan was the first to greet me. hahah TOO BAD ALEX =P
+ 8TH MORP [PROM BACKWARDS..well a semi-formal dance, hahah] aww everyone looked so cute. i had a very hard time to get thru that dance. it was so sad. most of us cried. well the girls mostly. hahahah. hah aw those were the good ‘ol days.

[ JUNE ]
+ GRADUATION DAY [sigh] i didn’t cry as much as i did at the morp. pretty weird. well i was happy =) we had the afterparty in the hall. so much dancing..& PICTURES! lots of memories that night. lol well i had to leave early cuz the next day was PRECON 1
+ PRE-CON 1 traveled to JERSEY. i watched most of the games. we won the academic bowl. aww snap. the gals played football. it wasn’t the real thing, just a practice game i guess. the real thing was next week. lol we played in the rain & i think i got sick. o well. we watched WCS play. they won [by default..lol] for representin’ NORTHEAST for conference
+ MY BIRTHDAY PARTY / GRADUATION PARTY the party was fun. a whole bunch of the class came over & YFC PPL. we watched a scary movie in the basement. AHHH & yet again, more memories =)
+ spent the whole week after my party practicing the PRECON DANCE ooo tiring week but we made it thru. we did an awesome job =) the girls also practiced for FOOTBALL.
+ PRE-CON 2 fun fun fun. everyone did an awesome job. woohoo S-i-S-T-E-R-H-O-O-D! GO NORTHEAST! hahah
+ toto’s going away partay it was fun while it lasted. lol BYE TOTO! [hahah nvm he’s back!]
+ REVELATION 2.0 REVOLUTION OF TIME PRAISEFEST it was really cool cuz we invited all the “kuyas & ates” that were in YFC that are now in SFC or wherever. there was also a slideshow of MD|VA from the past until now.
+ FLORIDA [last week of june-july something] well since i’ve went there almost every year of my life since i was about 2, I WAS STILL EXCITED. everytime we go there i always have this excitement in me. I LOVE DISNEYWORLD. hahahah [my 2nd home!] my brothers & i got a 5-day pass for universal studios & islands of adventure. so so so so so fun. i had some great memories while talking to sunshine. remember those pick-up lines i told you about nat? muwahahah 8D

[ JULY ]
+ FLORIDA continued..
+ CFC CLUSTER ASSEMBLY i was on KFC DUTY! woohoo i just watched the kids & ran after them & made sure they weren’t making trouble. well of course i had help from other yfc ppl. lol GOOOO KFC!! afterwards, i got to meet the FULL TIME WORKERS the vicente’s & me, ry & chris took them out to CHILI’s. hmmmmm.. seems like yesterday..
+ DANCE PRACTICES FOR CONFERENCE i’ll never forget the practices we had. i always look back to them & start reminiscing. those practices were one of the reasons why my summer was the best. not only the stress & all that work we had to do, but all the fun we also had. i never got tired of seeing everyone’s faces every single day. all those practices were WORTH IT.
+ preparing for conference well conference came, drawing nearer & nearer. we worked so hard for perfection either for the opening number, revolution, when God Ran & the choir. i ever remember spending the whole day w/most of YFC & the FULL TIME WORKERS painting all the decorations & all the PROPS. i loved it ALL!
+ THE DAY BEFORE CONFERENCE [it was the same day as the one right above this one. lol] around 4 or 5, im not sure, we went to COLLEGE PARK for dress rehearsal. that was a tough night. some of you know why [i.e. — the acting workshop] that’s when i lost one of my contacts from crying. err i was mad. well after the acting workshop we went to practice for the “..MY COUNTRY ‘TIS OF THEE!..” we sounded so beautifully w/all the harmonizing. *tear* so b-e-a-uitful. around 12 we got home & we already had guests cuz we were one of the houses that were gonnna ‘house’ the ppl from out of state for conference. i met ppl from TEXAS & CALIFORNIA. & they all were wonderful. well i went to bed as early as i could before the “big day” would arrive.
+ and so the dream begins.. CONFERENCE, DAY 1 i woke up, ate, said goodbye to our guests & made our way to CP for more practice. this is the real thing. of course there was seriousness, but we’d always find a way to find laughter & all that good stuff. well the conference started off w/the opening number & i was in that one. i was really nervous, then i learned to calm down as one of the ate’s told me to. she did my make-up & hair. she really made me feel less nervous. i love her! well as i went up on the stage, i had the chills, but i lifted all the up to GOD & he took all my worries away. as soon as the music started & the lights shined on the stage & all the screaming from the audience gave me motivation. this was all for GOD & i made it thru the night. well i don’t wanna get in all the details of all the 3 days. basically it was one of the best conference’s i’ve ever been to. i’ve been to many as a KFC member beacuse my mom & dad are CC’s but as a YFC member as of now, i felt the fire in this one. praising w/1200 ppl in one room, now that’s a dream. but it became a reality. as all the 1200 ppl raised their hands up to GOD, it felt really good. i’ll never, EVER forget that moment. it also felt good to see all my conference buddies from the last conferences. of course i took millions of pictures, how could i not?! here’s a quote from the mass. without CHRIST, I AM NOTHING. [ooooh! i forgot to mention! VINNIE [my cousin who lives in JAPAN, CAME ON SATURDAY!! man. so much joy those 3 days..]]
+ POST-CONFERNECE PICNIC well that was it. conference was finished. after mostly everyone left, i went back to Ritchie Colliseum. i was pretty empty. it felt different. but the memory will always live on in my heart. around 4 we left to the ladrigan’s house for the postconf. picnic. holy moly that was so fun. i got to chill w/the texas ppl & met 3 ppl from NORCAL! [joseph,rob,bernie] those guys are so cool. i chilled w/them most of the time until i had to leave. woohoo i made new friends! =D
+ DAY OUT W/YFC OUT-OF-STATERS i chilled that whole day w/YFC PPL mostly from WASHINGTON! & some from cali & texas & some of the full time workers. we went to D.C. & wen to the SPY MUSEUM, then we went to GEORGETOWN. it was so fun.. we all bought ice cream then we went to the dock & looked at the water & all the purrty lights. we also sang songs & played games & took more pictures. after that night i got to sleepover ronnie’s house w/all the other millions of ppl that did & chilled more before they left in the morning.

after that long month..here comes:
+ COUSINS DAY[S] OUT..or at our houses. well conference was done & most of the ppl left to go back home. so now this [i guess] was the month to spend w/my lovely family. we always went over each other’s houses either for parties or just to chill. i remember going to PENTAGON MALL & eating at RUBY TUESDAY’S yelling, “THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE” & it was. we kept saying these funny as heck lines such as “nup nup the butol” or “nup nup the big cup” that was hilarious. & there was also this one time when we went bowling then afterwards we went to the krispy kreme factory. mmmmm doughnuts. well as soon vinnie & uncle had to leave, we had a party at our house & we watched THE RING. hahah aw man good times, good times. jennybeth & joesar came & that was surprising. hahah well the cousins all sleptover. there was also this one time when we had sleepovers the whole week at each other’s houses. well when it was our turn to have the sleepover at our house, it was fun. we watched BETTER OFF DEAD & RAT RACE & me, carlo & vinnie battled on MAGICMIC. vinnie won cuz he sang this filipino song perfectly. it sounded funny. hahah oh well he won =) well when they had to go it was pretty sad. well i was glad i got to spend summer w/them. i love my family. my family is the best!

that was the end of my summer.
here in this diary, i write you visions of my summer, it was the best i’ve ever had.. [that says it all.]

+ first day of school it felt weird adjusting to everything since this is the first year of high school for me. it was alright. it was different, but i got used to it. met alot of new losers =)

+ empowerment weekend wooo that was great. i got to see everyone again. i haven’t seen some of them since conference! well it was great to see everyone again. after

+ went to 6 fags, i mean flags for free w/the cousins. it was for my cousin’s work. the free food was awesome. i didn’t ride alot tho, although it was still fun.
+ ryan’s,my mom’s & dad’s birthday party that night was really fun. LOTS of ppl came over & watched movies, played simpsons chess, talked & chilled in the garage, & all the guys had a madden championship in the garage. lol yeah..that night was fun.
+ SPIRIT WEEK spirit week for school was pretty cool. i tried showing school spirit as much as i could. the pep rally was alright.
+ YFC CAMP oooooo yeaaah. it was HOTTTTT. i’d say one of the best camps i’ve ever been to. i shared in talk 5. uggh. everyone kept laughing at me & i’m hoping it was in a good way. lol siike it doesn’t matter. we had 25 participants i believe. 1,2,10,25? doesn’t matter. but it was really awesome to have that many participants. since alot of us at bmhs couldn’t go to homecoming cuz of the camp, we had our own HOMECOMING! muwahahah. lol

+ COVENANT ORIENTATION i did my very first talk. talk 1. i think i sounded nervous, but i got used to it. if you don’t know, i’m nervous when it comes to talking in front of ppl. lol after that we went to VA for a party. it was HBC’s premiere! it was so hottttttttt. & the party was on top of the RICH apartment building. i was like danggggggggg.. when we went to the balcony we say the city. it was tiight.
+ 1st [out of 9] RALLY FOR THE NEXT CONFERENCE ooo hotness. sang for the mass w/the music ministry. we also watched the opening dance for conference. then mark did his talk. it was awesome.

[ DECEMBER ] ..omgosh FINALLY.
+ 2nd [2 out of 9] RALLY FOR THE NEXT CONFERENCE] it was fun. & guess what?! IT WAS SNOWING OUTSIDE!! YAY I WAS HAPPY =)
+ COUPLE COORDINATOR DEDICATION PARTY oowee! that was fun. i had to present the CC. alan’s late late late late late late night show was so hilarious. lol there was also dancing & we gave out many awards for our beloved CC’s. great night.
+ CFC CHRISTMAS PARTY [SOUTHERN MD] FUN FUN FUN! we all danced ALOT, took pictures & messed around the empty, big hallway. lol that night was so fun..!
+ Christmas was pretty fun. i went to my cousin’s house. we watched Freaky Friday, Finding Nemo, Legally Blonde 2 & Pirates of the Caribbean [OH HOW I LOVE THAT MOVIE] while the guys always played gamecube. lol Christmas was great. i am very blessed w/what i have.
+ NEW YEARS EVE well 2004 is about 8 hours away. eh i better go finish cleaning & help cooking for the party here tonight w/the family.

owww my arms really hurt, DUE TO THAT SUPER LONG ENTRY. if you read that whole thing then, oh man. you deserve something! hahah well if you did then thank you for taking time to read it. i’ve decided to write this entry because i wanted to bring back the memories of the best year..so far. so until then, i’ll see what 2004 has in store for me.


By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hellllllllo faye.  sounds like an action-packed, fun-filled year.  i think im going to borrow this little thing from you like i borrowed all the other surveys from you haha.  i hope thats okay, well i hope to see you soon.take care and god bless =)

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