He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.
                                                                                -Isaiah 53:5

earlier today..
dj: hold me in yur arms
jon: never let me go!
faye: i wanna spend eternity with you!
ex: and now
jon: that
faye: you’re near
faye: everything is differenet!
jon: uhhhh
jon: keep in same verse mandy

HAHAHA. ok that was hilarious to me..maybe it was because i think all things are hilarious but yeah..it was, and mean at the same time. but if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. lol poor mandy. oh and after reading cris’ comment on my last entry made me realize how crazy i really am:

cris: lol yur crazy but thas why everyone loves u huh? i wanna be just like faye lol but i might end up in a straight-jacket lol —

ok i think you went a little too far there buddy! hahaha its cool tho. ok byebye friends =) HAVE A GREAT EASTER EVERYONE!

19 thoughts on “

  1. that was mad funny okay bye!

  2. Hoy gurl…wash hapenin…well it wuz really funny earlier today…haha…sowwie dat u didnt click on da box…lol…and sorry u had to see us Berhinia bitch yfc..in da chat room…lol….well i gotta go aight…happy early easter…haha…payce!!!!!

  3. lol joke joke joooke cmon! lol ^_^

  4. heheh you have an AWESOME easter too =D

  5. me n jamie have a surprise for you!! ;)

  6. lol i need a good laugh, IM me sometime: DCabi4489
    ^_^ lol later

  7. wahaha! mad props for that mad funny post hahaha!

  8. HAHAHAHA ! i’ll try to stay in same verse next time.. haha

  9. awwwww adorable backround ;]

  10. OMG FATIMA THERESE DELA CRUZ ESTORNINOS!! [you have another last name, but i don’t want to say it teeheeheehee]. well well well…the background…wonderful stuff man!! =D alright well see you around yah SPORK!!! i love you! and it’s really cool to have your cousin as one of your best friends too.

  11. look, im giving you two more eprops just cause the background is too HOTT!

  12. muahahaha look im doing it again

  13. i wonder how many times i can do this…

  14. hahahahahahaha this is the what? 5th time??

  15. this is the 7th and final one just because im sleepy….haha well ttyl spork =D

  16. i was just testing you IF YOU KNEW YOUR CONFIRMATION SAINT! duRRRR!!! muahaha

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