[referring to Pre-Con]

yeah, Pre-Con was amazing. i really don’t know what to say. well
Maryland won numerous awards, and i’m proud of everyone =) all that
hard work was worth it. hahaha. for girls’ flag football we
won. i really didn’t get to play in the 2nd game because something
happened.. and i don’t wanna talking about it. yeah, but when we won,
all the sisters came into the first aid tent and surrounded me and i
started to cry because i was so happy. i love my sisters…oh and of
course my brothers too..hahaha. but yeah when it ended i was sad. well
there’s so much to say and i don’t feel like explaining anything so
i’ll just end it by saying once again, pre-con was amaaaaazing. TESTIFY.

Pre-Con ended, i asked my mom if i could go chill with some of the Va
Beach people and she said “yes” so i was very happy. those were fun
times, indeed..and i wish i didn’t have to leave…but it did, of
course. haha. well around 11:45, joe took me home, and when i walked
out the door, i noticed that jon, jill & bebz were coming too so i
was surprised. james and alan were about to come too..but i guess not.
hah. well well well, that was the best car ride ever. it was so funny
too…..yeah okay next subject.

ohh right, my birthday. it was
pretty cool i guess. in the morning i went to Mass with my dad and
brother. i didn’t do anything until 5 when we went to practice. thanks
everyone for the many comments, texts, IMs, cards, gifts =) and
everything else. you guys make me very happy =) i especially liked
maryann’s & james’ card. that was the most creativest [sp?] card
i’d ever gotten. hahaha well i better go now. Ryan’s gonna take me to
watch The Day After Tomorrow since he didn’t take me on Friday..alrighty bye! i love you all =)

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hey faye, i saw you for the first time since lee’s thing, anyhoo, day after im gonna go see that i hope it’s good, see ya.

  2. hey faye, i saw you for the first time since lee’s thing, anyhoo, day after im gonna go see that i hope it’s good, see ya.

  3. you are :goodjob: + :coolman: COOL. and i :heartbeat: you. and i hmm.. :( miss you. and you LAJKSFOSAFJDROCKED AT PRE-CON!! WOO HOO! GO FAYE FAYE!

  4. HAppy belated birthday Faye..
    Sorry I wasn’t able to give you your stars.. I didn’t go to Pre-COn.. but  I will give it to you the next time I see you, alright?

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