school has offically ended, and summer has now begun

hmm summer has begun, huh? now i don’t have to worry about sleeping early (nevermind, lately i haven’t been sleeping early anyways and i wonder why..haha kidding), waking up early, doing gaaaay homowork, etcetc. yipee! well, today was my last day of school..well actually finals. my last two exams were Biology and Catholic Christianty. Biology was…ehhhhh. but then again Catholic Christianity was easy. as soon as the last bell rang, everyone charged out into the hallways.. it was pretty sad because i had to say bye to either people i wasn’t gonna see until next year or people i won’t see anymore at all =( when i got downstairs, i paid for my freaking book and my biology disk (that i ACCIDENTALLY broke) but it was alright….no, nevermind it isn’t. i just lost 23 bucks. AHH. asdfagjkl oh well. when i got downstairs, Ryan came and me and him  talked to Mrs. Baker about the kitty. looks like Jenn will be having a ‘new friend’ tomorrow =) when we finished talking, i went outside and said my goodbye’s and left. Carlo took us back to their house and then we went to Hong Kong Buffet with the familia. after eating, we went to Best Buy. weee..how fun. me and Jamie were just browsing around looking at stuff or playing with the video cameras, cell phones, computers and keyboards. around 3:50, we left to go the movies so me Jamie and Jepoy (her lil brother) could watch Shrek 2. grrrreat movie! and i must add, hilarious. yes..after the movies, we went back to Best Buy because Jamie’s dad went to look for something while me and Jepoy played NBA Ballers. hahaha garr..we played 5 rounds…i think?! and he won 3 and i won 2. darn. he always beats me now-a-days. how sad. there was this one point when i was beating him, and this guy that worked there told him “are you gonna let her beat you like that?!” hahah it was funny. but after we finished we left and went home…and that was my day.

it’s raining out. where’s the sunshine at?!? oh, nevermind..it wouldn’t be out anyways because…it’s like 10:25! hahaha that’s right. okay well i’m gonna leave now. 9 more days! haaa!

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. HEY FAYE!! doesnt the SUNSHINE :sunny: bright up your DAY ?!?! lol hahahahaha oh yeah that was it i g0t chu bakk o0o0o0o!! haha =] so0o how u been ?! hows ur summer so far? mine started up GREAT =] cause i got to chiLL wid ma cuz and his boys. plus all deez parties i hadda go0o too.and im going to a wedding dis sat =] ima bridesmaid=] =] weLL ima js hit u baq later im tired..js got bak home frm a party lol. BYE BYE i love you take care and God Bless and BYE FAYE!!!!! keep in touch. we need to HANNG.

  2. FAYYYEE!!! it was great seeing you again at melanies parttay!! n yesyes HARRY POTTER IS HOTTT!!!!! ;] aww n dont worry bout the ssunnn cause its right here —->:sunny: faye meet mr. sunshine who will neverr go away for ya!! haha love ya girl!! – MiJA

  3. heyy dere.. just goin through dha YFC blogring nd i landed on ur page.. read about ur PRE-CON.. hehe glad u had fun.. hope u’re enjoying ur summer d0e.. take care.. God bless! lAyT___JULiE MAE___[ YFC STOCKTON ]

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