so yeah, yesterday was the CFC Family Picnic for Maryland & Virginia, and it was grrreat. let’s just say i had a lot of fun. the KFC games were awesome. our CFC coordinators have realllly good ideas for games! lol the games were filled with good laughs. hahaaha. i also got to ride on the carousel =) then after i just walked around & stufff. after awhile, i asked one of the aunties if she’d need me for the rest of the day since i’m one of the KFC YFC coordinators and she said “no it’s okay, just enjoy with your friends” (uhhh something like that) so i was like, “oh, thanks!” hahaha so then i just walked around with Jamie & Jon then we went to the Rec Center and found people there to chill with. we also performed the Pre-Con dance…hahaha that was funny. after, we had Mass and during mass, my left eye was killing me..literally killing me because of my freaking contact. so then after communion i ran to the car and got some solution and Maryann & Mike helped me clean it out. haha so then it was dinner and everyone had to leave. gahhh.

EDIT // 8:53PM
Chris is in Florida right now. what a lucky guy.
x. KD trip changed to Thursday..
x. Meet the Parents is hilarious. I can’t wait ’til Meet the Fockers comes out. BOMB! BOMB! BOMB! hahahahahaha.

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  1. Hey Twinee! AwWw…thanks for actually reading my WHOLE entry… :cry: I read ur whole entry…LoL! I really miss u…we shuld chill sumtime! Ne ways…luv ya! tc and gb! :heartbeat:alwaysTwinette…aka Marylou

  2. hello its jon here just leaving props, picnic was great! lots of mad fun! hahah k bye !

  3. teehehe niiice pic! :goodjob: yesterday was awesome… you are soo beautiful faye

  4. heheh i can`t wait until MEET THE FOCKERS come out too =P

  5. FAYE! i wish i could have been there but doing nothing all day is just great ain’t it…:lol: well i hope to see you soon ttyl pCe:wave:

  6. ahh faye! hey! did you even get my voicemail message for you on your birthday? CAUSE YOU KNOW, i did call your ass! haha can’t wait til conference…… and i love your page right now, lookin good :) SMILE!

  7. wassup asian i mean faye. Hey i can’t wait till meet the fockers comes out too.

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