i went to King’s Dominion yesterday..and it was a fungreatawesomewonderful day!  so yeah…umm i’m bored so i guess i’ll get into a few details. hahaha so yeah i woke up around 7 to get ready then my dad took me to St. Mary’s for the 8:30 mass and because it was the meeting place to go to KD. after everyone came, we all drove to the Vicente’s and we chilled there for awhile. while waiting outside, a few of us had a funny conversation of how sometimes it’s disgusting to swim in public pools because there’s bugs, spit, little kids’ (or maybe even older people’s! hahahaha) poop, pee or anything else digusting mixed with chlorine and sometimes people would swallow it while swimming! haha eww. oh well, they swam anyways..lol i wanted to go swimming too..but i couldn’t. darn. *sigh* oh well..but yeah, around 10:30 we finally left.

the car ride there was pretty fun. i rode in Joe’s car along with Alan, Jamie & Maryann. one of the highlights of the car ride was when Joe was changing stations on the radio, there was this one station that was playing “The Price is Right” as if it was on T.V. hahahaha it was hilarious. another highlight was when Alan called James and pretended that we accidentally left the tickets at their house but James didn’t fall for it because Alan messed it up..hahahaha (oh, and he was also holding up the tickets for James to see..he was driving behind us..but i don’t think he saw?) haha anyways we finally got there around 12 and met up everyone else =) i rode many rollercoasters, including Hypersonic XLC. i didn’t want to ride it at first but uhhh i did anyways. lol it was pretty good. the other rollercoasters were pretty good & some sucked but oh well. i still had ALOT of fun =)

around 9:30 everyone met up and we all went up the Eiffel Tower. it was a beautiful sight. but anyways..we took group pictures up there and pictures of the scenary. so yeah, after..it was time to leave as we left, i got three surprises. muwahahahaha okay ummm i think i’m done here. thanks for reading and that’s the end of my fungreatawesomewondeful day. — a few details, huh? haha sorry.


By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. Hey dauGhter. . i hope u have a butt-loadda fun in Cali. . man, Cali rocks ! ! ! but i guess i jess havtah wait for my turn to go to Cali next year:coolman: . . well okay. . byebye !

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