It is now October
Today is Ryan’s & my dad’s birthday
Yesterday marked the 4th month =)
I strongly dislike school right now. ERRR.
Progress reports are being mailed tomorrow. CRAP.
Sophomore year is hectic.
It’s been one week since the HOLD Conference
I miss everybody
I’m in a Linkin Park mood.
I like screaming along to their music. it’s fun.
We’re going to a haunted house tomorrow for Ryan’s birthday
I can’t wait. woohoo!
I don’t know whether not i should go to homecoming..
My good friend Matthew needs a date. any takers? get him while he’s hot hot hot. (more info, holler at me.) i’m serious too. hahaha
I love my family to death
I’m proud to be a Dela Cruz. FATTIES FOR LIFE.
I am never satisfied with these darn colors. expect them to change..again. hahaha
Oliver James is soooo hott. i must see Raise Your Voice or whatever it’s called…but because of him! not Lizzie McFarthead.
Mr. Shin is currently my favorite teacher
yesterday during class, we meditated and talked about our problems, which relieved a lot of stress. just breathe.


By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. :nono: – no, no, no. :yes: :lol: yes, yes, yes. :mad: MMMM!! :fun: teehee my hat spins :goodjob: COOL DUDE! :laugh: uhh… PFFFHHAHAHAH :shysmile: i think you’re pretttty… :wha: do you smell what the rock is cookin? :giggle: mhmm i do, i want some. :coolman: have some of this (slap the hoe) :eek: whoa! dont hit her. :rolleyes: uhhwhy i didnt hit anyone. :lookaround: ive lost my eyeglasses :eprop: EPROP :spinning: the sunshine makes me dizzy. :sunshine: SHINE!! :sleepy: arrrrgggguuu tssshhuu (x1000) what is going on here? wink i like you.. :p mmmlaaahhh i dont like you! :whocares: duuuaa im ugle and stupd :wave: yah okay bye bye

  2. :sunshine:this is sonny u know b/c of the shining Sun
    hahaha so wats up and thanks for stopping by it was refreshing getting ur comment hahahaha i said refreshing… soooooooo thats about it
    BUH bye

  3. heyy! *sigh…this year does sukk…and i doubt its gonna get ne better…..AND U SHOULD GO TO HC!!! im gonna go..unless im the only one…so COME!!! newhoo~~ talk latersss :love:tehee

  4. haha yes another change of color… its ok faye im not annoyed by it! i agree w/ christine i miss you faye! even tho i saw you earlier haha… happy belated anniversary :giggle:

  5. twin!!!goshers it is october huH?! that’s crazy… yeah, you should go to homecoming and try to make the best of it. ew, the sweat and getting tired, oh joy. hahah.twin, you’re getting hott like the f’shizzles! i mean, you already were, but whoohoo damn! haha ;] even hotter than ‘lizzie mcfarthead.’ ugh, teenagers these days, tsk tsk.oh hey.i miss you.hahahahhaha.

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