Countdown to Christmas: 20 days.

Redskins 31, Giants 7

How ’bout them Skins! a-ha..what an awesome game =) 31-7. HOLLER AT THAT. hahaha i’m so happy. Portis with 2 TDs, Cooley with 1 and Royal with 1, and a field goal. it’s funny how after every TD, the phone would ring and i would be like “I bet it’s Ryan.” hah and it always was. oh yes and CARLO SUCKS. he went to the game..haha. sike you’re not gay. i STILL wish i can go to a game. i also realized that the more and more i watch football, the more i miss playing it. i miss our girls’ flag football practices. i think we should start practicing now!! haha i’m just kidding.

yesterday was awesome. we had the Covenant Orientation. i found a big ribbon and tied it around my head and went up to Joe saying “Merry Christmas.” haha funny….i’m weird. i was intimidated when i did my talk…i don’t know why. around 4, Jamie, Carlo, Phil & I went to my cousin’s house so from there we can go to my older cousin’s new apartment in Virginia. it’s really really nice. the babies came along with us and they kept running & jumping all around the place looking for empty closets they can hide in. after we hung out at the apartment,  we went out to eat at Chipotle. mmm.

watching my 2-year old nephew breakdance = PRICELESS. hahaha well, he can breakdance in a baby way i guess you can say.

this year i wanna go around D.C. and visit the National Christmas tree. anyone wanna join me?

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  2. hii faye! how are u.. hope u are doing go0d.. =)

  3. hi faye. thanks for listening. you’re aweseome. not to mention, my favorite. ohh and an update… all is well in paradise. =)

  4. oOOh i wanna go see the tree! hehe miss u!!

  5. There’s a National Christmas Tree!?!?!?I WANT TO GO!!!1

  6. All i’m going to say is that, I love you Faye ___________ =) *Put your last name cause i dunno it HAHA

  7. Ahh yes, I went on a field trip to DC with my school. I want to go back. Let’s go see the National Christmas Tree!
    i miss you too fayyye

  8. i’ll go with you! love you fayefaye!

  9. REDSKINS!!!!!

    ravens and cowboys are gay

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