Happy Birthday Ivan.

bestfriends since kingergarten me . jamie . marylou alex has bunny ears twinette&twinee danielle&i aww. cool shirt. you have a cool shirt. bestfriendralphew yay for cousins. aww jamie

FEBRUARY 4, 2005
Happy Birthday Kristin.
Happy Birthday Nate.

..wonderful night.
Friday Mass then Kristin’s 16th Birthday Party afterwards…or shall I
call it, co’03 reunion?! hahah yay.  And those aren’t all the pics
so if you wanna see more ask me.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. oo0oh my lovely F to the aye.  how i miss thee so.you should know pretty people make me mad.lt’s just say that i’m furious right now.
    PS heck yes *NSYNC would crush BSB’s album.. boo to BSB and yay to *NSYNC! 
    PSS [or is it PPS? O_o oh well] when you come here in the summer.. call my cell.. just IM me for the new number @ air eh ka or iME5T12Ai

  2. faye buritto, pssst.. don’t tell that kid who wore that bruce lee shirt about jillarae. but shh don’t tell her i told you not to tell him about her even though she told you to tell him about her to tell them about each other and tell them about the bruce lee and the tell them tell them. thank you.
    jev out

  3. yo kido!
    lol omg wouldnt tat be weird as hell if u had to call me daddy? HAHA GROSS lol! id be ur step dad i guess…lol well yeah kristins party was fun alrite just leavin u sum lovin kid to be ;) lol jk laterz

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