We got a phone call not too long ago from a guy in Florida named ‘Jon Perez’ who was asking if we would want to sell our timeshare or something in Orlando.  Ryan thought it was some courtesy call so he lied to ‘Jon Perez’ first and said that my mom and dad weren’t home.  A minute later, Ryan told my mom, so she called up that ‘Jon Perez’ guy back because she thought he was from Westgate Lakes, (our timeshare) but he wasn’t.  Unfortunately, my mom turns this ‘Jon Perez’ down because she doesn’t want to sell our timeshare, no matter how hard he tried to persuade her to.  So after she hung up, Ryan asks my mom if she liked that ‘Jon Perez’ guy.  She replied, “No, he’s too pushy.”   Darn that ‘Jon Perez’.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. nice….:lookaround: <—hehe thats soooo cute
    hows thou’s spring breaketh…..i hope tis all well
    alas i must goeth noweth…..
    talketh latereths my dear friend
    i must rush off to never ever land

  2. I wish you helped me out a little .. =/ But it’s okay..I love you faye so very very much like you have no idea…and i can’t wait for your mini debut thingy….sweet sixteen..there ya go..haha…you’re gorgeous !

  3. the irony of your story is js so very amusing to me. haha, and i do miss you too twin.  but from what i can tell and the pictures i see, you’re becoming much more beautifuler i don’t think i could stand being next to you- you’d burn me with all your hottness.  :sunshine:

  4. hey faye….so wut’d u think of the R-Cycle?…lol….i think now u kno y im so pressed bout it….ok well its always good seeing u….peace
    russ – over n out <——u thought of that..:coolman:

  5. oh i love this song! lisa loeb eh? nice nice.. anyways.. jon perez? you mean md jon perez or VA beach jon perez.. or was it a guy who was actually actually the person on the phone named jon perez?? ahhh faye your making me confused! lol!

  6. FAYYEE ! the lovely, fair, fay of maryland. i miss & love you dearly mi amor. keep that beautiful smile on. may God bless.
    – mandy smells like candy. lives in va beach cuz it’s sandy. ties her hair up with a rubberbandy.:love:

  7. L0L.. thats funne.. when my family came down from ny.. they were talking bout timeshares tooo.. it was great.. take kare.

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