Arenas scoring the last point of the game at 5.2 seconds


GAME 5 @ Chicago: 112-110
hate close games. Then again, I still love them…only if the team
you want to win wins. The Wizards lead the Eastern Conference
Playoff Series, 3-2.  Next up, Game 5 back at home.

I hope they win Game 6.
One more win is all they need.
It’s been too long since they’ve reached this far.
And without a doubt, they deserve it.  I <3 my hometeams.

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  1. Good game! I hate close games too. haha this is the only sport or team that I watch…but yes! 1 more! :wave: i miss you

  2. hey have i told u lately that i miss you? oh i havent? well i do.

  3. i love them too. :) :( wink :p :lol: :mad: :heartbeat: :love: :eprop: :wave: :sunshine: :wha: :yes: :sleepy: :rolleyes: :lookaround: :eek: :nono: :fun: :goodjob: :giggle: :cry: :shysmile: :jealous: :whocares: :spinning: :coolman: :littlekiss: :laugh:

  4. yeahhhh wizards! hahaha

  5. gosh faye..youre such a jock! a jock who looked very pretty today…did i tell that omg i loved your flipper floppers and im like so gonna steal them! *wink*
    hehe…happy bday in 23 days!!!

  6. :wave: aloha! Happy cinco de Mayo..i dun think i even said that to u. U can have ne picture you want. I’ll give you the links or something. i:heartbeat:u Take care and God bless.
    MARYLAND Home-teams ROCK! Jus like you :goodjob:
    Marylou aka “cutie” [in your terms…lol]

  7. two words, Utah Jazz. :goodjob:

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