summer 2005 has begun.
I’m looking forward
to sleeping in, staying up all night, going on a cruise in the
Caribbean, vacation in Orlando with the Dela Cruz clan, Ohio for
conference and just hanging out with people I love =)

finals are finally over.
ehhh don’t even ask me how I did on my spanish final.

is someone excited about a flat tire?
scared he's going to miss his final
talking to melissa. she saw us on her way to school
trying to fix the tire
rawr. studying for our spanish final
dad to the rescue!
smiling faces before we find out we're going to fail our final
getting rid of the books from my locker
waiting to return our books
i got bored waiting
neil impaciently waiting on a pole
i went to the mall with my uniform on..yuck

8 thoughts on “

  1. your vacation makes me sick.  i want to swim in the clear water and lay on the beach of the caribbean.  halsjdylasjng!!!!1

  2. hey faye…how did your spanish final go?oh right i wasnt supposed to ask..damnit i forgot.

  3. sorry for making you wait forever for me at H&M.

  4. ooo i wish i could go on a cruise to tha caribbean. well js dropping some love, hit me back love k? =)

  5. SO IT WAS YOU GUYS ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, i was asleep and my parents were like, ‘hey! someone has a flat tire!!!… that looks like the faye, jamie, and them!’ hahaha OMG i also took a picture of my mess in front of my locker, wow, yours is WAY cleaner than mine… my pile of junk includes two shirts, blue hair gel, a stuffed mcnamara mustang, and a split in half spanish dictionary hahaha yea i’m such a pack rat!! :giggle:

  6. hey faye… if u have a faint memory then you should remember me.. i’m bernie from stockton (NORCAL) hehe.. so are you going to OHIO?? there’s no joseph or robert this year but i’ll sure be there… take it easy and have a great summer heee

  7. hah-those pix from wen u had a flat was hilarious!! lol i mean its not cool that u hadda flat-it weas jus tha pix-specially tha first one haha. but hey!! u nvr told me u werent coming back!!!! :eek:why??? man-im highly upset…””sigH””well-were guna miss u faye.. love u so much!! come to all of our skool events!<3 sha sha

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