& more pics
& more pics.

memories on the cruise.
free room service, all
day and all night. initial d. seeing the Atlantis up
close & personal in Nassau, Bahamas and the aquarium
where NSYNC sang. :D seeing the beautiful islands of St. Thomas
and St. Maarten. swimming in the #2 beach in the world; Magen’s Beach.
pirates of the caribbean! expensive haircut. buffet all day..YESSS.
family portraits. old western pictures with my shotgun. Winston’s
Cigar. 80’s musical.

memories in florida.
disney version. Dodgeball! texas hold ’em. seafood buffet. the mummy
ride. the stolen deLorean. highest score amongst the cousins in MIB (i
didn’t cheat!). scary ass clown which scared the crap out of jepoy.
Chuck E. Cheese’s to make him feel better. me and carlo stealing the
“left” fries on someone’s table. park hopping! towel whipping phillip.
mission: space.

at Skull Kingdom:
worker: hey! no hanky panky!
me: ..but he’s my older brother
phil (unnecessary hahah): and I’m their cousin.
worker: …that’s disgusting.
— i was really scared =

Ryan coming in the room with a ginormous piece of cake topped with a whole bunch of whip cream:
“who wants a heart attack cuz i do.”

“space mountain!!!”
“if ugliness was a brick, you’d be the great wall of china!!

memories at conference
dinner club. haunted bridge? 100% Pure Workshop. cheering for
NE at academic bowl. going on adventures with nikki, ellision
and jonathan. presents. meeting new people. slurpees and
taquitos. awesome talks and sharings. worshipping. pure
party. “L is for….” battle with Chris Melonbanana. banner
parade! praisefest. winning 1st in dance, varsity & JV
basketball, band, football and chess. send forth. pink posse!

was a great day because the Dela Cruz’s from Japan are finally back
home, not for good but just to visit. we’ll just have to wait another
year for that to happen. it was nice to see them again though.
everyone’s growing up. time flies so fast. we’re all growing up.
my older cousins are getting older. i’m graduating high
school next year. my little cousin is now half as tall as her
brother and in addition to that, my nephews and neices are growing
up as well. they get bigger and bigger each time i see them, which
makes me sad. i know i shouldn’t, but i guess that’s how i am? it’s
just another thing that makes me realize how i should enjoy life and
the people i love around me as it is while i have the chance. man i
swear i’m so weird.

divina carmela elaina
why not smile?
big hug for auntie faye faye =)
young markie practicing boxing already
momma and aly
mr. photogenic AJ
AJ vinnie jamie
aly carmela elaina

last two weeks of vacation away from home have been simply awesome. I’m
going to miss the cruise to the Caribbean, Florida and Conference in
Ohio, but I’ve also missed home. home as in Maryland. in conclusion, it feels great to be home.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. y osis..we need to catch up on things…you kno….anyways looks like your summer is going good…mines is alright. i’m blown cuz m parents wont even let me drive yet even tho i got my permit. so our little 7-11 trip is on hold for now. but sall good…well ttyl

  2. faye faye!!!! aww youre back from the cruise….glad you had fun….(without me!!!) ugh i see how it is!!!!jk jk!! well i bet the rest of MY summer is gonna kick the rest of your summer’s butt!!!…..(i dont think soo..T_T) oo well……and wow youre “nieces and nephews” are freakin cute!!! how sweet….well talk laterss bud bud!miss ya!

  3. I was looking at your pictures. There’s one of RJ lying down in his bed. And the bed is really small, or RJ is really big. It made me laugh. Goodbye.

  4. OMG YOU WERE HERE & YOU DIDN’T CALL ME!?!? sigh. my life. tis ruined. oooh i know! you were cheating on me! THAT’S WHY!! i knew it! i knew it! it was mickey mouse huh!?! what does he have that i don’t?!? jeez.
    do you hear that cracking noise?oh wait.. it’s just my heart…breaking.
    *sigh* LOL j/k i love you! I’M GOING TO MD THE END OF THIS MONTH!!! SO WE WILL HANG OUT! me you & jamie. awww rekindle the PACAS days hahah. <3rika

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