vacation’s over. as i come to think of it, this summer wasn’t as bad i always thought. after remembering all the things i’ve done, i’ve spent time with my parents and my brothers on a cruise to the caribbean, spent time with all my cousins almost every day in July, flown a kite at the park, got some service hours done ahead of time, went to a KFC camp, went to VA beach, went to Busch Gardens, not exactly “explored” D.C. but still managed to enjoy all the time we could spend there, had south maryland leaders’ meetings, got my summer reading books which i’m actually almost done with, went to IKEA for the first time in my life with Jon, his parents and Ate My, went around Alexandria with my brothers and Phillip, hung out with the sisterhood & brotherhood, and to finish off the summer, went to the CFC-Youth South MD house camp at Nikki’s. yeah, this summer was not so bad at all :D WELL, school’s around the corner so good luck to everyone this school year.

in other news..
Wrath of Katrina.
“the biggest natural disaster of our nation’s country.” PRAY.

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  1. ‘sigh’ i’m praying alright =) it’s that time again, see you at school tomorrow bob.

  2. Hey I just came to say helloo and to give u a hint to who this…just say u no me but never met me….for 2 years!

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