The Miraculous Comeback

santana moss signing my redskins pennant

santana is the man.

hail to the redskins!


+ skins win by 1 point, making this their first win in Dallas since ’95.
+ 1st-3rd QTR: 160 total yds; 0pts, 4th QTR: 235 total yds; 14pts
+ ha, too bad the NFL experts were wrong.  (we were 6 pt underdogs)

oh, yes.

9 thoughts on “The Miraculous Comeback



  2. wootwoot!!! REDSKiNS!! lol i’m the only one down here in FL that reps redskins.. it’s so sad. but i feel cool :coolman: haha love you!<3rika

  3. hahah i saw that game too. i was like omg. the cowgirls better not winn… LOL hail to the redskins

  4. thats right SANTANA MOSS!! whootwhoot!! soo it couldn’t have been ur worst day cuz the skins won mmmhmm

  5. i dunno what rosella is talkin bout cuz the cowgirls are sexy! (the cheerleaders that is…)but yeahOH YEAH!

  6. haha….reskins FINALLY WON!!!!

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