my left arm has been hurting all day.  I’m thinking because i
slept on it last night. during school, I kept asking Christine and Ralphew to pull my
arm thinking it’ll get better eventually. but after each
pull, it still felt the same. a few minutes ago, I told my mom about my arm and all she did was pull
it. gently.  as soon as I bent it again, there was no pain at all. 
geez mom, why you gotta be so good at this stuff?

my mom and i went looking online to see if there were any tickets available for the broadway show Wicked because she was interested in seeing it, and so was i, again.  unfortunately, they’re ALL sold out.  every single show
and the tickets went on sale september 28th too.  wow.  oh
i guess seeing it once is enough. but it was just that good.  well
in my opinion it was. so whoever was able to get a ticket for any of the
december-january shows, you are lucky.

3 thoughts on “

  1. thanks for the greet FayeFaye:)
    & yeah, my mom does stuff like that all the time.They get superpowers when they have kids, I’m tellin ya.

  2. Know what? I’M GOING TO Wicked in december. I’m really excited. I’ll make sure to think about you, though.I miss you lots. ♥

  3. oh man :( i really wanted to go to wicked again because i really liked it when we saw it in canadastill cant belive that the tickets are already sold out<3333Angie

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