1. there was a student council meeting after school today.  we
talked about all the things we have planned for spirt week and how we’re
going to decorate the junior hallway.  wee, i’m excited.
2. we’re getting good, but we’ll always be the ones that
“suck” because apparently, people just hate to admit we’re
improving.  oh well.  we’ll show them. the creepy thing
is..something similiar to this happened in the past. it’s like history
is repeating itself.  i hope.  on another note, “it’s never about
luck or they just got lucky. it’s all about making the plays.”
3. i’ve been watching RAW lately..maybe because things are
starting to become how it used to be before when i actually really enjoyed it.
i wanna see that.  i remember when my brothers and
i used to played that game on our very 1st computer…wow, time flies.

hellllo HDTV/DVR.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. ::tag your it::now…you must write 5 random facts about yourself on your xanga then list the five people you will tag. you also need to comment them so they know that they have been taged!!!

  2. (referring to RJ’s comment)
    lol..i played it..hahah but i sucked at it. But yea he’s right…he was the only one out of you three that played it..hahah well at least that’s what i remember. I’ve been watching RAW too..and it is pretty good.. i wanna see Stone Cold beat the shiet out of coach..he’s a punk..hahah later!
    “and that’s the bottom line, cause STONE COLD SAID SO!” it felt good to hear that again..haha oh and “GIMME A DAMN BEER!” lol

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