Food Recommendation #1

Once I finished microwaving this, it didn’t look too healthy at all. Although it didn’t look very healthy, it still looked good (if that makes sense). It looked so good that I took a bite too quickly and ended up burning my tongue. I’ve always been a big fan of Red Baron’s Deep Dish Pizzas so when I looked in the freezer and saw Tony’s, I wasn’t very pleased. But little did I know, it was going to change my life forever. Kidding. Anyway, for something that cheap, it was so worth it. A tip I’d like to suggest is to dap the top gently with a napkin to get rid of some of the excess grease. That’s what I did, at least. Also, don’t even bother looking at the nutrition facts on the back. I didn’t. And if I did, I knew it would’ve changed my mind about eating it the first time. So, I recommend that you try this, but preferably just one. When you do, eat healthy for the rest of the day. Drink water. Go to the gym. Eat vegetables. So what I’m trying to say is, if you want to try something delicious AND cheap for one day of the week, try this. It won’t let you down. It didn’t let me down.

7 thoughts on “Food Recommendation #1

  1. thank you faye for two reasons:1. because i’m going to try this &2. because you have succeeded in making me feel fat. congratulations.i love you. now let’s dance.

  2. lol..thanks! & thanks for this tip. Actually, we were at the store today & I was trying to decide which one I wanted..but no Tony’ next time. ;]

  3. Try Celeste pizza!! It’s even better from the toaster oven!! For serious, try it!

  4. food and love, our two continuing blog topics haha.btw – thanks for never commenting me even though i COMMENT EVERY ONE OF YOUR ENTRIES!!!

  5. a girl in a redskin jersey, can it get any better?

  6. hahahahahha this is my favorite entry

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