Hometown Love

In order of its occurrence:

It’s that time of the year again for one of my favorite events in my hometown! Unlike last year, I went when they were starting to die out (my fault for not seeing them sooner) but it’ll be different this time. For those interested, mark your calendars! The festival starts on the 29th until April 13th but keep in mind that the peak bloom is from the 27th-3rd and the bloom period is sometime until the 9th of April. Don’t miss out on these natural beauties in our nation’s capital like I almost did last year. There are plenty of events posted on the website. I wanted to go on the photo safari but I don’t have that kind of money :( Anyways, anyone down for Lantern Walks or paddle boating?? Yeah, I’ve really been waiting for this as you can tell, hahaha.

You are almost complete! Thanks to God and my ever so gracious brother, I’m going to the Papal Mass for sure. Aside from seeing Pope Benedict and celebrating Mass with him and thousands & thousands of people, I also get to see how awesome it looks on the inside after all these months of anticipation. Marymount had a lottery because the school was only given about 30 tickets and the number of people who requested tickets were way more than what was given. I wasn’t one of those people chosen at school so I was pretty bummed at the time but praise God because my brother was somehow able to get one for me. Although I’m not going on Opening Day for the Nats, which is in 4 days, I’ll be looking forward to the Mass. I also hope I can go to games whenever I’m able to. Baseball games are so chill and fun to go to, especially if you’re with fun people :) *More photos

Today as I was driving home on I-295 from school, my brother pointed out that there was a new National Harbor exit (Exit 1B). Being the excited and curious person that I was, I took the exit and entered National Harbor from a different entrance and boy, was it a beauty to see! It’s a shame that I never have my camera when I encounter moments like this. The view was great and I finally got to see it up close and personal. Okay, not AS close but closer than ever before. It just got me more and more excited for it to finally open. I’m definitely going the day it opens to the public, which is in just a few weeks! I’m still hoping I can still get a job there, too. That’d be great. Work would literally be a minute or two away :) How convenient.

So for the past 3 years, I was never able to attend draft day with my brother or anyone else at FedEx Field because events always occurred during the weekend it would take place, i.e. band/choir trips. Since I’m not in high school anymore, I finally might be able to go. It takes place on April 26th right after my English final exam. Perfect timing or what? :) This off season should be fun. Hopefully I can finally go to the Beach Blitz as well. Never went one yet either. Now’s my chance!

That is all for now. My inspiration for this entry came from taking exit 1B on the way home and talking to Ralphew about Draft Day, haha.

I love my home and all of that it’s becoming.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. ahh are you serious ! i dont like it when they switch the days for the shows. buuut its all goood. ahh so no onetreehill and gossip girl till april !! D:there’s a lot going on in DC ! wow. i wanna go to the cherry blossom festival ! i’ve never been to one before. i also havent been to national harbor  !! its so pretty from the picture :]

  2. I think at this point, GN is on life support. I really need to step my game up. But in the mean time, F4G is always a refreshing place. HOLLER!

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