Moderate Makeover: Faye’s Room Edition

Towards the conclusion of this past summer, I was able to thoroughly clean my room. I got rid of most of the junk and boxed up a bunch of old, worn out clothing that took up space in my dresser. After cleaning, I came up with different ways to rearrange my room solely because of that fact that I wanted and needed more space. I thought it would only make sense to try it out because I had already started learning about space planning and what not. After a long day of hauling bulky furniture to different spots of my room, I was satisfied with the way it all turned out.

In addition to throwing away junk, I also ended up taking down a lot of the posters that I once had up. I bid farewell to Ralph Wiggum, ‘NSYNC, Clinton Portis, Anakin Skywalker, and Spiderman.

After the walls were bare for quite some time, I eventually hung up different things. First, a poster over the top of my headboard; a special one that I bargained for on the streets of Florence:

Michelangelo’s “God and Man”
God and Man

I put this up because it would always take me back to that amazing Mediterranean trip and how I saw this work of art with my own two eyes. Needless to say, it’s beautiful. But tons of memories rush back into my mind after one glance at it.

My Heart

The purpose of creating a heart montage near the foot of my bed was so that I could first and foremost thank God in the morning when I wake up and also thank Him for all of the different aspects in my life and make me, ME and make my heart warm and happy. Most mornings, if not all, I always refer back to the first line of Bethany Dillon’s song “Dreamer” — “love woke me up this morning…” I always like to be reminded that God, love, and everything in “my heart” got me to wake up again to another beautiful day.

Travel Photo Log

Evidently, traveling is a big deal in my family. I’ve been so blessed. I’ve visited over ten countries in a span of three years, before the age of twenty. Prayers were, without a doubt, answered each time. My mom is so intelligent. She manages money real well.

The postcards I have up there include only three of the cities we visited (Amalfi Coast, Rome, and Athens) this summer. The complete collection is on our fridge. My mom gave me those since she had extra and I wanted to put them up.

My Shelf

My dad fixed this shelf onto the wall over five years ago and never did I once “use” it. It had a lot of old stuff on it but I ended up taking them down just so that I could really make use of that shelf. I consider everything placed on it important. I have the cousins’ Redskins picture on it, a Beijing Coca-Cola can, all of the journals I am currently writing in, my favorite books, my OTH DVDs, my Bublé deluxe edition book/case, and a poem of my name that was I given as a confirmation gift. I like it a lot better now.

My Man

To the right of my desk is my rather large poster of my man, Michael. I still owe Xanga a blog about my experience… I guess I can try to sum it up.

1) I had floor seats. The ticket alone was $85 (not bad) but with the rest of the charges included, it came out be $108. Prior to the show, this family was selling an extra front row seat ticket. I was so tempted to buy it because he was selling it for $150. FRONT ROW FOR 150?? I HAD to get it…but, I couldn’t. Why? Because a 70-year-old woman, who has seen Michael live 15 times AND already had a 3rd row seat, beat me to it = Geez, I would’ve loved a 3rd row seat. On a somewhat brighter note, I bet I’m gonna end up like that old lady one day… I call it.

2) The second the curtain rose and the instant he opened his mouth to sing the first word “IF”, I cried. Uncontrollable tears ran down my face throughout the 1st song “I’m Your Man”. Normally, people cry at the end (which I didn’t because I knew exactly what was going to happen). I cried in the very beginning because I was SO HAPPY. Phew! So, so happy. God is so good!!

3) He is amazing live. I pretty much memorized the set because I’ve seen so many videos and read so many things on message boards. He toppled my expectations. He even surprised us with new music! He was THAT good. What a great entertainer he is. I love his sense of humor, too. *sigh* I’m so in love.

4) I ran to the stage as fast as I could towards the end of the show. Unforgettable experience!! I touched his hand twice!!! And as a bonus, Alan Chang’s (pianist and musical director) eyes and my eyes met for a few seconds and then he smiled at me. Anyways! I still can’t believe that I was only inches away from Michael. Definitely more than I could ever ask for.

5) I rubbed my face with his [dry] sweat towel, which smelled so good. A little overboard there, yeah?

All in all, it was an amazing night. I haven’t formally met him yet, which means that I have unfinished business. Nevertheless, my dreams came true. =) More to come of this, I hope!

Lastly, this picture is not really a part of my room.
Just thought I’d post it. Just because.


By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


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