Simple Reminders

First, God always listens to our prayers.
He is well aware of the billions of prayers said each minute of each hour of each day. He is aware of our struggles, the problems of the world, heartbreaks, and anything else that we go through. He knows and He cares.

Second, God always answers our prayers.

He always responds, either saying:
1) yes, 2) not yet, or 3) I have something better for you

Above all, God always knows what is best for us. If we truly believe that, then why bother making plans of our own? Let us all remember that His timing is perfect, for He is perfect. I pray that we may have patient hearts, completely trusting in His plans for us, and that we may continue to give Him all the praise and thanks He truly deserves for blessing us beyond measure.

2 thoughts on “Simple Reminders

  1. Amen sister!  God is perfect and He got some great plans for us!! =) 

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