FME: For My Entertainment

Late Night Thoughts:

– Confession, Mass (Simbang Gabi), & Rosary = Perfect Day
– Dinner last night with The Regs was great. Yummy dishes.
– White Elephant Exchange was hilarious; friendships were broken
– David Foster is a musical genius
– I’ve watched the show in its entirety at least 5 times since Friday
– As for individual segments, I’ve probably watched Michael’s 50+ times; Brian’s — roughly 20+ … it’s so addicting.
– I’ve been hitting the gym a lot more often… I’m proud! Thank you, Alan and Kiesha.
– I’m not trying to drop a few pounds, just trying to get in shape and make use of my membership
– Peppermint Mocha Twist…. mmmm
– AAAAAAND…this makes me proud/happy:

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