2008: Full Year In Review

10 Best Moments of 2008:
10. Weekly Soccer Games
9. Baltimore Aquarium Day
8. Weekly Sleepovers at The Fernandez’s & Rockband
7. Sunday Morning Praisefest of Discovery Camp in October
6. Saturday Night Worship/Adoration of the CFCY Conference in Jacksonville
5. Pope Benedict XVI comes to D.C.! (including Papal Mass & CUA Visit)
4. Michael Bublé’s “Call Me Irresponsible” Concert at the 1st Mariner Arena
3. Right to Life Mass with thousands of Catholics at the Verizon Center
2. Basilica Hopping in Rome
1. Mass in the Crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica (with St. Peter, JPII & more)

9 Honorable Mentions of 2008:
9. Cry Wolf/Mafia/Homicide in The Gaylord (Episode: We Own The Night)
8. The last night at the Fernandez’s house
7. Wiffle Ball Summer in the streets and front yards
6. Summer Olympics in Beijing!
5. Friday Night Party at the Discovery Camp
4. My Birthday Surprise
3. Jamie and Carlo’s arrival at the Discovery Camp
2. Weekly Mass & Adoration at MU
1. Ryan and Ate Leng’s ENGAGEMENT!

8(a) Songs of 2008 (in no order):

8. John McLaughlin – Just Give It Time
7. James Morrison – You Give Me Something
6. Robin Thicke – The Sweetest Love
5. Maroon 5 – Nothing Lasts Forever
4. DJ Otzi – Hey Baby (I Wanna Know If You’ll Be My Girl)
3. India.Arie – Heart Of The Matter
2. Alicia Keys – Go ‘Head
1. Another Bad Creation – Iesha ;)

8(b) Praise/Worship Songs of 2008:

8. Matt Maher – Love Has Come
7. Bethany Dillon – You Are On Our Side
6. Hillsong – Worthy Is The Lamb
5. HillsongUnited – All For Love
4. HillsongUnited – The Time Has Come
3. HillsongUnited – Till I See You
2. HillsongUnited – Desert Song
1. HillsongUnited – Forever

7 Favorite Cities Visited in Europe in 2008:
7. Istanbul, Turkey
6. Athens, Greece
5. Ephesus, Turkey
4. Pompeii, Italy
3. Izmir, Turkey (Location of Mama Mary’s House before The Assumption)
2. Florence, Italy (My future home for 4 months come 2009)
1. Rome, Italy (Rome won my heart, hands down!)

6 New Friends in 2008 (in no order):
6. Maria Del Solar
5. Nathan Quon
4. Zuzanna Myckow
3. Chiara Foschi
2. Arean Ali
1. Clarissa Lagdameo

(All of them are of different nationalities, too. Bonus points for me! :)

5 Favorite Quotes of 2008:
5. “I’m sleeping here tonight ’cause you’re bad uncles!!” – Marcelo
4. To the melody of “Silver Bells”: “Jingle bells…jingle bells” – Vinnie, while mixing his hot chocolate
3. “I’m not your papa!” – Alan and James
2. “Get money in the club, get money in the club, and spend that cash. Get money in the club, get money in the club, and smack that *hand smacking butt*” – Phil, then Jepoy
1. “This is how I talk! Haven’t you seen my movies? Juice? That was a good one! Deep Blue Sea? The shark ate me! The effin’ (later changed to silly) shark ate me! ” – Ryan, then Jeremy

(This was tough! Feel free to add in….)

4 Favorite Movies Released in 2008:
4. Pineapple Express
3. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
2. 27 Dresses
1. The Dark Knight

3(a) Accomplishments of 2008:
3. I made the Dean’s List
2. I was accepted to study abroad in Florence, Italy
1. The younger youth are now leaders :)

3(b) Written Goals Accomplished in 2008:
3. Go on a roadtrip (to Cibolo, Texas)
2. Master driving around downtown (for the most part)
1. [Help] Teach CCD sometime this year

2 Frequently Used Prayer/Meditation Books in 2008:
2. Thirsting For God
1. The Pieta Prayer Book

1 Long Paragraph of Important Reminders To Carry Out Into 2009:

The storm always passes, and with God, we can weather any storm. God is full of mercy and He is close to the brokenhearted. When we serve God, we must always remember that our motive to serve must be grounded on His love. We cannot give Jesus to others if He isn’t completely with us and in us. Discipleship is all about conditioning; if you want to become more holy, work for it. On Jesus’ way to His Crucifixion on Calvary, the thought of each and every one of us is what kept Him going. Love is a decision, NOT a feeling; if we want to make that decision to love every single day we must be rooted IN Christ. All will know that we are Jesus’ disciples by the way we love one another. The real beauty of singleness is using our freedom to serve God with abandon. Your seed of talent has already sprouted…continue to nurture it so it can blossom; in simpler terms: WORK HARD. Continue to treasure the sisterhood. It’s easy to say we love God, but do we really mean it through the way we live our lives? Act out your faith. OWN your faith. TOTUS TUUS.

Now let’s welcome 2009 with happy faces!!!

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


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