So I’ve been looking over my notes from Italian class for awhile now. Finally felt like filling out that darn 25 facts survey nonsense from Facebook. Instead of writing facts about myself and my life in general, I thought it’d be fun to list facts, observations, and thoughts about my life here in Florence thus far. I’ll even count in Italian for you.

I haven’t driven in weeks! Kinda miss driving but I’d never want to drive here. Walking is awesome anyways.

For some odd reason, I think there’s crack in the cereal here. Or possibly the milk? Okay, maybe not really crack. Whatever’s in it, we’re addicted. We stocked up on Corn Flakes so that we don’t have to keep making trips to the grocery store ever so often. I wonder how long this’ll last.

Speaking of addiction, another one is… Nutella.

It’s SO cold in our apartment! Our apartment is pretty big so it’s understandable to why it takes forever to warm the place up. Actually, I’m just being nice. The heater doesn’t turn on nearly as often as the heaters do back home. The warmest room is the kitchen. Enjoy the warmth of your heaters, Americans! That’s one thing I miss so much, haha. Definitely looking forward to warmer weather.

We don’t have a dryer in our apartment. We hang our clothes on the heaters. I am very thankful that we have a washing machine, though.

I really want to learn how to speak fluently in Italian. One major goal I must accomplish before leaving!

(Most) Italians don’t move out of the way when walking on sidewalks. Majority of the time I have to wrestle my way through. I don’t understand that.

I recently joined a group for young adults at the Duomo called Society of Saint Thomas More. Awesome people, awesome priest, awesome activities. Thank you, Lord. =)

(Specifically to Alan) I’m going to a Fiorentina futbol game this Thursday!!!! Happy? I am! I’m super excited, too. I still need to buy me a scarf, hoodie, or jersey. Some dude in my Italian class said it’s gonna be a good game. Fiorentina’s up against Ajax Amstedam.

I’ve consumed wine and cheese almost every day. If not every day, then multiple times throughout the week. Sometimes even thrice a day. It varies.

My roommate does most of the cooking. I help out most of the time but I pay my dues by washing the dishes, which I don’t mind.

My clothes always smell like smoke. Ugh.

A lot of people here own dogs. Cats, not so much.

The sewage near my street always smells like poop.

EDIT: But I guess I wasn’t as clear as I was hoping to be. Let me elaborate… ummm on second thought, nevermind. IT SMELLS LIKE “DOO DOO PIE JONES”.

At school, I signed up for the Dance Club and the “Slow Drink” Club. I’m excited.

Receiving mail is a great feeling! Mail me something please! =)

Fatima Estorninos
c/o Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici
Via del Melarancio, 6/R
Firenze, Italia 50123

Another addiction (how could I forget??): KINDER CHOCOLATE. It’s rare back home.

I’m really looking forward to traveling to other cities in Italy. As of now, aside from Italy, I’ll be going to Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (St. Mortiz and the Como Lake), and France (Nice, Monte Carlo, and the French Riviera). I’m going to Vienna for the SFC European Leaders’ Forum the first weekend of April (thanks for the prayers!!!). The last two trips are provided by LdM. A trip to Lourdes, Lisieux, and Paris is still in the works. Fatima would be amazing as well but it seems unlikely to happen. What am I saying?? It’s possible. Look at where I am right now! =)

God is still spoiling me, spoiling me with blessings! I love it.

I finally got to sit down with a new, good friend and had a great talk about God and anything related to God in our lives. Haven’t had a conversation like that in so long. Hoping for more of those… and free pizza and wine. =)

I remember eating the best tiramisu ever (in my opinion) on my family’s first cruise in 2005. Since then, I’ve never had the same kind. On Saturday, fate stepped in. I ordered it for dessert, hoping it would be the one. And it was. So mmm mmm good.

All of my teachers say “allora” a lot. I was told that it’s a filler.

One of my favorite parts of my day is walking past the Duomo, the cathedral here in Florence. It’s so beautiful. I probably look like a tourist each time I pass it because I’d always stop and stare at it in awe.

There are so many churches here, which I love. I’d walk through town and pass by so many. I’m gonna really try to attend Mass at each one at least once while I’m here.

All daily morning masses (that I know of) are said in Italian, of course. Aside from my goals of speaking Italian fluently and attending Mass at each church here, speaking in Italian for mass would be so awesome. I guess this goal sorta goes back to #6? Speaking is one thing, but understanding is another. I can always look over the readings, responsorial psalm, and gospel before mass. The only problem is the homily. So…make that speaking AND understanding Italian.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. ur blogs and pictures make my day.  venti sounds pretty fun, and what kind of dancing??  we’ve been brushing up on our dance moves here, too!thanks for updating!

  2. Neng, my day is not complete until I check my email if you have one, orchecking ur multiply or xanga if you have  blogs or pictures.I enjoyed looking at your pictures over and over again. How I wish I can bethere with you for the whole semester. I missed you so much. If God’s willing, who knows I might be able to come back again in May to pick you up. I love ITALY!!, especially ROME and FLORENCE.Take care of yourself all the time, eat a lot and always cling to HIM.Love U, Momma

  3. although my experience isn’t as exciting because it’s not in a foreign country haha – you said that you are always awestruck whenever you stop to stare at the Duomo, that is exactly how i felt when i’d stop and stare at the Basilica all last year. and i still feel like that when i see pictures from everyone because everyone seems to be going there a lot now. i wish everyone went last year so that they could visit me too! asfklj! His will, not mine.

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