Real Deal


Oohhs, you know I love you. But I’m gonna have to go with St. John here. Consuming soul food from Oohhs and Aahhs can’t bring my soul on a journey to have a more loving union with God. Yea, I doubt it. I do know that this can though. Aahhhh, I’m looking forward to this. Another great journey this will be.

4 thoughts on “Real Deal

  1. my confessor is always telling me to read to read that book. may i borrow when you’re finished with it?

  2. @joe – of course! i’m gonna be taking my time with it though…just letting ya know. 

  3. Mmmm. :) You’ll enjoy it for sure! Hi! Miss you!

  4. faye faye!!!!  we are like, on parallel spiritual journeys!  im reading st john!  but i decided to start with “ascent…” before “dark night”.  i actually bought it while i was at the shrine!  we should have online household or something so we can catch up!?

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