Journey in His Steps

Believe me or not, I have never been to the Philippines. I often hear stories of friends that go home not only to visit their relatives or help out at GK Villages, but to learn about their culture, their ancestry, and how their families got to where they are now. It’s simply an integral part of a person to experience that at least once in his or her lifetime. I have yet to discover that part of myself and I know it will come in His time, of course.

Though I haven’t visited the motherland, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to travel to about 20 different countries in a span of five years. Many of the destinations were for leisure, others for an educational perspective, and the rest for spiritual growth. Following my cousin’s wedding in Rome, it was an opportune time for my whole family to travel to countries bordering the Mediterranean. Within those places, I was able to learn a lot about my beliefs and the widespread of Christianity under the leadership of The Twelve Apostles. It even continued when I lived in Italy last year at this time. For months I have followed the steps of Jesus’ Apostles, visited the hometowns of well-known saints, prayed at their tombs, and was within 4-ft away from the successor of Saint Peter, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. Faith, too, is an integral part of my life and it holds a far greater importance. I still have plenty more to discover that may take up my entire life here on earth.

A new invitation from the Lord came a-knockin’ on my door one day on campus (the flyer was even posted on the Chapel’s door…hahaha). Nevertheless, it was definitely another of those out of nowhere “I am is providing all of this for you, take it” opportunities, just like studying abroad in Florence. Lo and behold, I’ve been graciously given that opportunity once again, but this time to The Holy Land. (Marymount, you are on point!) The planned itinerary is jam-packed with destinations I’ve heard about ever since I was a kid in regards to Jesus and His Teachings in the Gospels. And the price of the entire package would be enormously regretted if passed up. After praying for weeks a little over two months ago, it all came together. And so, this May I will embark on a pilgrimage to The Holy Land.

For months I’ve traveled in the steps of Jesus’ apostles and other wonderful saints. Now it’s time to travel in the steps of Jesus Himself, my beautiful Lord and Savior. Since I was in my early teens, I’ve always hoped and prayed that someday in the future I would be able to experience this, to live it out.  Here I am again, in awe of God’s beautiful plans for my life, unraveling right in front of me.

So, here’s to another amazing journey ahead filled with spiritual growth, knowledge, and a more profound devotion. My soul is yearning…

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


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