Seasons Change

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted material on here. Though I’ve been consistently writing in my journal, I wanted to pull through in writing this entry to simply show God’s faithfulness within my own life and share a few points I’ve learned along the way. In the past, I may have grown accustomed to just saying “I’ll surrender it all to You,” but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I said it AND carried through it when changes finally occurred. As a struggle of the past, I am now in constant awe and gratitude at the work of the Lord’s hands every day of my life. Many, many things have changed in my life within the latter part of this year. In trust, I believe that these changes were for the better.

Of course, these changes didn’t come easily. It took much prayer, patience, and perseverance to reach where I’m at now. I prayed for more opportunities to grow in patience… with my vocation, love, decisions, and the little things throughout each day (like choosing to eat a few minutes later instead of satisfying my cravings immediately or by being patient when a car cuts me off). If I can’t be patient in the little things then how can I expect to be patient with the big things?

One of the biggest blessings I’ve received this year is my spiritual advisor, whom God has been using so well in guiding me throughout this journey since the start of the semester. Out of the many things I’ve picked up during our meetings, the one truth that is constantly in the back of my mind when committing to daily tasks is: Our Blessed Mother’s “yes” during the Annunciation wasn’t the first. Her whole life was a series of yesses, making the biggest “yes” [that changed humanity forever] so straightforward. So prompt. Before Angel Gabriel appeared to her, she was already a handmaid of the Lord. That simple truth helped me realize how important patience and obedience go hand in hand in truly allowing God’s plans to fall into place so beautifully, thus my constant awe and gratitude. I’m praying for the heart of a handmaid, for the ability to answer “yes, Lord” in the littlest decisions, so in turn I may answer “YES, Lord” in the biggest decisions.

Again, so much has changed in a matter of a few months. So much has changed between this entry and the last. (Let’s catch up?) I’m so much more at peace, I’m happier, I’m hopeful, …my soul just feels more alive. Everything and everyone that has come into my life makes more sense than ever before. And it makes me excited to know that He’ll reveal even more, in His time of course. #patience :)

As always, seasons change and so will I and everything around me. Comparing the past and now is evident of how amazing God works in my life if I allow Him to, completely, even if it entails suffering. Rest assured, seeds will grow and flowers will blossom. Knowing the faithfulness of our God makes life much better and His Goodness is more than I could ever ask for. As long as God always gets the glory…

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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