Playing Catch Up: Days 15-18

Day 15

Audrey Assad came into town with Rend Collective Experiment & Bellarive for their US Campfire Tour. She was wonderful as always and it was a blessing for us to be able worship our great Lord with her. She is such a beautiful instrument in sharing His truth & beauty. The depth of her musical talent and lyricism are great gifts to the Church, and to me.

Day 16

Ever since I started working full-time in ministry, I’ve had the desire to go back to school, not for interior design or anything in the like, but to pursue a master’s degree in Theology and/or Religious Studies. While I am not able to return to school any time soon due to financial reasons, I am very fortunate to be able to work towards a Certificate in Youth Ministry that is funded by the Diocese of Arlington. This blessed opportunity has allowed me to learn (and continue to learn) from such gifted professors from Franciscan University and Augustine Institute, and their vast knowledge in subjects like Church History, Salvation History, Liturgical Nature of the Church, Church’s Vision of the Family, and on and on. I look forward each morning I get to attend certificate training for a day. Delving deeper into these subjects bring me to love God & embrace my faith more than ever before. I am also affirmed more and more of my V/vocation in life.

My mind and heart are captivated by Truth.

A bonus “gratitude” shout out to Jonathan on his birthday :) What a blessing you are to me each and every day.


Day 17

At the crack of dawn, many of us woke up to play flag football in McLean for the community’s first ever Youth Apostle Turkeybowl. I haven’t played flag football in years so I was extra excited to play. Plus, it was beautiful fall morning. Grateful for good fun, fellowship, and friendships!

Day 18

I love my Deanery I CYMs. Ever since I started working as a coordinator of youth ministry  more than a year ago, I have never felt alone in my work because of their support. I am grateful for our monthly meetings because I learn so much from them–practical matters, theological matters, crazy icebreakers that teens love, ideas for meetings, etc. We’re all in different places in our respective ministries; some have been in the field for decades while others, 3 months. In short, they inspire and challenge me to be the youth minister God calls me to be. They are also a hilarious bunch so there is plenty of laughing in between.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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